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For MS, Ph D, and Dr PH programs, decisions are not generally issued on a rolling basis. Admissions recommends that all SPH candidates for the MPH and MS programs submit applications by the priority deadline in order to receive equal consideration for the available seats within each program as well as available scholarship funds.Please note that while applications received after the priority deadline will still be considered for admission, the availability of seats within the program and opportunities for merit awards (if applicable) may be limited for qualified candidates.

Applications received or incomplete after the deadline will not be considered for admission. As soon as your application is complete with items that you have control over (Statement of Purpose, résumé/CV, all required sections of the online application, transcripts), you should submit your application.Depending on an applicant’s background, letters of recommendation may be a mix of professional and academic references.Below are some guidelines, but personal discretion may be used: SOPHAS sends your application to SPH Admissions once they have received the first two letters of recommendation; the remaining letter(s) will be sent to SPH Admissions as it (they) are received.An impressive amount of research has been conducted on customer service trends, but it can take a while to scan through white papers and infographics to find the statistics that are truly important to you.That’s why we decided to create a definitive list of the most important customer service statistics — to save you time and make your life easier.

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The test scores must be from within the past five years.

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