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The video starts by advertising the holiday’s more prosaic benefits such as airport transfers being included.

Many sex workers understandably go to great lengths to ensure that their business and private lives remain separate.Although prostitution is not illegal in Colombia, pimping is a crime, a law services advertised in the video could be falling foul of.Mail Online has contacted the Good Girls Company to clarify this, but are yet to receive a response.activities in photographs and videos on its servers.While Pornhub tells Engadget that it will “only tag professional, known models rather than amateurs,” Motherboard argues that “it's easy to imagine a future in which a third party uses machine learning, facial recognition, and social media accounts to identify people in a giant database of nudes.” Even if we don't know about Facebook's smarts, at a fundamental level all of this is being made possible by a sprawling trail of digital breadcrumbs that we leave behind online everyday.

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And the account for Good Girls Company, which claims to be an 'all-inclusive erotic resort,' has been suspended by the video-sharing website's moderators.