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You must also satisfy the trustee of the fund that you are unable to meet reasonable living expenses.

You will need a letter confirming this from Centrelink or the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

Choosing to quote your TFN will also make it easier to keep track of your superannuation in the future.

Founded in 1907, the Queensland Trucking Association Ltd (QTA Ltd) is the peak industry body for road freight operators in Queensland.

You can also ask your super fund to conduct an inquiry using Super Match.

Super offers considerable tax advantages as a form of saving if your marginal tax rate is above the superannuation contributions tax rate of 15 per cent.Your fund will usually deduct this additional tax from your account.If your superannuation fund does not have your TFN, you will not be able to make personal contributions to your superannuation account.Superannuation funds may also transfer small and inactive super accounts to an eligible rollover fund (ERF).With more than 1.8 million accounts, the largest of these special types of funds is AUSfund, Australia’s Unclaimed Super Fund.

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If you are earning more income than you need at present, or are in a high marginal tax bracket, you can obtain a tax advantage by sacrificing a portion of your salary into super.

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